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December 2020 – Today there is a reason to celebrate! Our subsidiary twnty Digital UA has been operating in Ukraine for more than a year. Our 15-member team works on site to develop cross-industrial solutions within exciting future areas such as UX engineering, data science, VR and AI. We see ourselves confident of our digital pioneering role as an agency and say thank you twnty UA!

October 2020 – Recruitment offensive 2021: After successful negotiations in Q3 and Q4, we are looking for teammates for our location in Leipzig or across Germany via remote for 2021. All application information is at twnty.de/karriere.

September 2020 – A smart light goes on: together with the LichtWART team, twnty launched the LichtWART.de website in October 2020. Together with Deutsche Telekom and Hansen GmbH, the IoT company provides decisions which are indeed milestones: thanks to intelligent illuminated advertising systems, customers can control them smartly via the cloud.

July 2020 – We are very happy, because our corporate design has found its way into the portfolio of one of the largest German design portals for the best works, performed by German agencies and designers. The twnty appearance is featured in the designs made in Germany!

July 2020 – What a pice of news – the twnty corporate design has been nominated for the German Design Award 2021 by the German Design Council. Same as winning the Oscar in the film industry, the German Design Award is for agencies, manufacturers and designers. The nomination alone is a great recognition and shows twnty’s motivation and demands for reliability and quality.

June 2020 – twnty in Mindsparkle Mag: Mindsparkle Mag, one of the world’s highest quality design blogs and online magazines for design inspiration, has presented our corporate design and added it to its portfolio. Everything done right.

June 2020 – twnty is responsible for the Europe-wide relaunch of Tilray: Tilray is one of the world’s leading companies in the research, manufacture and sale of medical cannabinoids. With the Europe-wide website rollout, the group is improving its brand awareness in medical cannabis and is the point of contact for doctors, pharmacists and medical professionals.

January 2020 – twnty in Co & Co magazine: For more than 14 years, the specialist magazine for corporate design and visual communication “Co & Co” has been presenting the most interesting and up-to-date design solutions from the international corporate world every three months. In the last 55 issues that was an impressive 568 – our corporate design is one of them.

December 2019 – twnty gets a facelift. At the end of the year, we are laying the foundation for the coming one and we are changing our entire corporate communication into a new guise. Twnty leaves the old behind and breaks new ground. The new appearance consistently visualizes this step and underlines our claim to quality, value and functionality without losing agility, flexibility and dynamics.

January 2019 – twnty goes international! We are strategically orienting ourselves further internationally and have founded a technology hub in Ukraine. The boxes are being unpacked. An important milestone for us and a consistent continuation of twnty’s internationalization. Ukraine is one of the best hotspots for IT talent worldwide. Our customers and company holdings can look forward to: Together with the twnty Hub UA, we are researching the technologies VR, AI and blockchain to bring the knowledge to the market.